The Subtle Points to Take Care during Telecommunication

The Subtle Points to Take Care during Telecommunication

When talking on the phone at 0800, we do not have a visual image. It is formed by other means. It is very important not what we say, but how we speak.

Phone calls, like business, have their time. As a rule, from eight in the morning to 10 in the evening is the best time for free phonecalls. Weekends – taboo for business calls. The rules of telephone etiquette also stipulate that the one who started it ends the conversation. And if the connection is terminated, then the one who called the subscriber for the first time calls back.

Be sure to answer all free business calls. If someone called you on a phone where there is a determinant, then the person is not obliged to call you a second time. It is believed that you will see his number and be sure to call back, even if you are unfamiliar with this number. Even in the event that a person is

The Implications of Telephone Etiquette

Usually a telephone conversation begins as standard. The most classic is “Hello!”or “Ale!”, “Yes” is considered a very short form, “Listening” is too vain, “At the wire” is somewhat joking, not serious, because you never know who calls you in this moment. And that, as for “By phone”, is considered an obsolete form.

Phone calls can be divided into personal and business. Answer the latter, always, in any case, preferably during the first three rings. If you call yourself, then waiting for a call longer than six beeps is not accepted.

A business conversation should last no more than five minutes. If you know that your conversation will be long, you must first ask the person if he has time and can give you, for example, 20 or 30 minutes.

Things you should not Forget

For personal professional affairs, you cannot call the home phone. In the event that a spouse or a colleague’s spouse picked up the phone, it is imperative that you introduce yourself and, perhaps, even communicate the purpose of your call.

In no case can one wonder who asks a person if you are going to say that he is not at home at the moment.

If a person who cannot answer this second is asked for the phone, there is no need to explain the specific reason, the correspondent of the TV Company informs. Just tell how long you can contact him.

As for talking on mobile phones, here too etiquette dictates a lot of rules.

Even 10 years ago, many of us did not know about the existence of a mobile phone, and today most of us cannot imagine our life without it. And even during these 10 years, etiquette managed to impose a ban on many things when talking on a mobile phone.

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